Elomatic is a globally operating consulting and engineering company founded in 1970. Elomatic’s headquarters are located in Turku, Finland. It provides a comprehensive range of plant, ship and mechanical design, engineering and project management services that cover the initial investment and product development phase, as well as the entire life cycle of technical investments. Elomatic is a pioneering design method developer and has achieved international success with its CADMATIC software for 3D plant and ship design.

Elomatic is a globally operating, privately owned company. It has six offices in Finland, two offices in Poland, an office in China, India, Italy, Russia, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates. Elomatic has over 750 highly qualified professionals that are able to fulfill the most demanding technical and project management requirements. It has clients in over 80 countries worldwide.

Core services:

  • Technical Consulting
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Product and Service Development
  • Turnkey Solutions
  • Software Development

Key Costumer Segments:

  • Biotech and Pharmaceuticals
  • Energy
  • Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Process Industries (Food, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Biomass Processing)
  • Starch and Potato Processing

Products and Concepts

Contact person:
Mr Olli Manner
Chairman of the Board

Itãinen Rantakatu 72
FI-20810 Turku
T: +358 2 412 411
F: +358 2 412 4444



By sharing our know-how and expertise within the Europengineers network we create synergies that benefit all the network members and allow us to collectively increase our costumer value propositions / Olli Manner, Chairman of the Board