About Us

Formed in Paris in 1963, Europengineers is a European network of independent engineering and consulting companies.

Our goal is to foster innovation, create customer value and grow the engineering sector by sharing information and working with each other. Trust and respect are the cornerstones of our network.  

Our chief executive officers (CEOs) meet regularly to strengthen their relationships and share what they have collectively learned about the challenges and opportunities within the engineering sector. Opportunities for collaboration on projects are identified and explored, contacts are shared, and doors to new markets are opened. 

Theme meetings are organised annually, with a focus on finding new ways of increasing the effectiveness of our respective organisational processes and systems.

Technical workshops and site visits are organised each year to help our younger engineers enhance their skills, knowledge and professional growth. These events provide a forum for the exchange of best practice, expertise and know-how on practical issues and are designed to increase motivation and support career development. 

Our engineering teams are encouraged to make their skills, experience and time available to those in society who are most in need, wherever they are in the world. We support social initiatives aimed at connecting isolated communities through better infrastructure, with employers facilitating staff wishing to carry out non-fee-paying work during regular work time.