Theme meetings

During the year, our CEOs come together at theme meetings to discuss topics ranging from the carbon agenda and the future of sustainability to efficiency in engineering processes and big data.

Technical presentations

Our cross-company technical presentations provide an opportunity for member companies to showcase their  competence and innovation or take a step back and see how others are attempting to improve their processes or solve the challenges all engineering teams face.

Recent presentations include: 

3 April 2023

Hydea delivered a presentation titled, ‘H-BIM design process for the renovation of  historical buildings: case study of
new Bellavista pavilion in Fortezza Da Basso in Florence, Italy.

6 March 2023

Basler & Hofmann delivered a presentation titled, ‘Applying BIM to Bridge Renovation Projects.’

6 February 2023

Aronsohn delivered a presentation titled, ‘Measuring building circularity and sustainability: assessment tools used in the Netherlands.’

Technical workshops and site visits

We organise technical workshops and site visits each year to help our younger engineers enhance their knowledge and skills. Designed to increase motivation and support career development, they provide a forum for the exchange of best practice, expertise and know-how on practical issues. 

Circularity in Construction Workshop

In February 2020, Setec hosted a workshop on the theme of circularity in construction in Paris.  The three-day event was attended by representatives from member companies and focused on the opportunity to reduce the embodied carbon, energy and raw materials within buildings generally and on reusing existing materials and components in new buildings in particular.

During the workshop, participants were presented with a case study of Renzo Piano’s Thomson factory in Guyancourt, which was scheduled for demolition. They were asked to come up with ideas on what could be made of the extracted components of the building, a task that was made easier because of its distinctive steel-framed modular arrangement. 

Read about the learning outcomes from the workshop here

Social initiatives

Our members encourage their engineering teams to make their skills, experience and time available to those in society who are most in need, wherever they are in the world. The network supports social initiatives aimed at connecting isolated communities through better infrastructure, with employers facilitating staff wishing to carry out non-fee-paying work during regular work time. 

Bridges to Prosperity 

In 2019, a team of volunteers drawn from our member companies travelled to Rwanda to build a footbridge for villagers in an isolated, rural community. The project team built a 30-metre suspended bridge over the Yanza River, which floods 90 to 180 days of the year, cutting off local access to critical resources. The bridge serves the Gasiza and Rubonobono communities, providing safe passage across the river and year-round access to the local market, health clinic and primary school.

Watch a video of the construction of the Gatare Bridge here