HYDEA is a privately-owned Italian consulting engineering firm established in Florence in 1990 and employes 75 staff in offices in Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Ethiopia and Jordan. The firm is ISO 9001 accredited and offers a multi-disciplinary approach for the realisation of infrastructure development and architectural desing projects.

The firm is organized in four departments and can offer a wide range of services:

Water and Transportation Engineering

  • Dams, flood protection works, river training works
  • Irrigation and drainage, rural infrastructure development
  • Municipal works, water supply and wastewater engineering
  • Transport infrastructures (roads, bridges, etc.)

Cultural Heritage

  • Conservation and restoration of historic sites and monuments
  • Cultural heritage management
  • Museum and exhibit design and implementation

Environment and Natural Resources

  • Baseline studies and thematic cartography
  • Hydrology, river basin development and watershed management
  • Natural resources inventorying and management
  • Environmental impact assessment, environmental monitoring
  • Soil studies

HYDEA S.r.l.
Via del Rosso Fiorentino, 2/g
50142 Firenze
T: +39 0 55 719 491
F: +39 0 55 713 5233


We notice that the market for engineering services is evolving rapidly. Clients are increasingly requiring a comprehensive array of integrated services meaning that the ‘one-stop-shop’ type of approach is gaining momentum. That’s why for HYDEA it makes sense to be part of an international network whose expertise encompasses a wide range of disciplines

Paolo Giustiniani, CEO