Bridges to Prosperity

In NoveTeam picture EE B2Pmber 2018, 10 enthusiastic Young Europengineers members, traveled to Rwanda to build a Bridge for the Gatare community.

The residents of the Yanza and Rubonobono communities are primarily involved in commerce, growing banana and cassava to provide for their families. However, the Yanza River is too dangerous to cross due to flooding 90 to 180 days of the year, and when the river floods, access to critical resources is cut off. Residents are unable to access the Nyabugogo market to trade and sell and students cannot access Nzove primary school. Access to the Gatsata health clinic is also blocked by the flooded river.

Bridges to Prosperity connects teams to a community in need of help. Despite the cultural and language differences, the Europengineers team worked together closely with the local community and learned a lot from the Rwanda way of life. For most of the team members, this was their first time encounter with the labour on site: mixing concrete, carrying stones and bricks and adjusting cables. In less then two weeks time, they finished the bridge, providing the community an easy and safe access to schools, the market and health clinics, even in the rain season!

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Bridge before

Bridges 3