Formed in 1963, Europengineers is a European network of independent engineering and consulting companies dedicated to best practice knowledge-sharing and collaboration. 


Our member companies are diverse in terms of size, specialism and focus but united by a common goal: to foster innovation, create customer value and grow the engineering sector by sharing information and working with each other.


Our members meet regularly to build relationships and share what they have learned about the challenges and opportunities within the engineering sector. 

Open discussion on important topics, such as R&D, human resource development and innovation, allows our members to identify optimum solutions for clients and better prepare their companies for the future.


The network organises technical workshops and site visits each year to help younger engineers enhance their skills, knowledge and professional growth. These events provide a forum for the exchange of best practice, expertise and know-how on practical issues, and are designed to support career development.


SEED is a platform developed by our members to provide engineering and construction professionals with information on projects that demonstrate best practice in the implementation of the circular economy in the built environment.